Every Girl is Crazy for a Sharp Dressed Man


I love being a woman. I like dressing up; I love buying shoes.–Carly Fiorina 

I really don’t think I belong in this time period. Reasons? Well, I enjoy nice gardens, hand written letters and I have the firm belief that no one should ever wear sweatpants in public. Yes, that is right. I think people should actually put forth effort in how they look when they go out into the real wold. Call it old timey or what you will, I am sticking to it.

Ever since I was little, my Nanny (aka grandma) raised me with the sensibility to be a lady. You cross your legs when sitting, you expect gentleman to hold open doors, and you ALWAYS dress nicely when you go out in public. Period. That is how she was taught and that is what she was going to teach me since I was her granddaughter. Funny enough, times has changed to wear you can get away with wearing just a g-sting and nipple pasties practically while getting groceries, let alone pajamas. It makes me rather sad.

What happened to people taking pride in themselves and wanting to look nice? I don’t mean always wear a suit or a ball gown (although if I had the choice I would. Men in suits, nuff said), but just taking the time to actually put on a decent outfit when you go to run some errands. It makes you feel better when you take time for yourself, even if it just means putting on a pair of nice jeans and a cool t-shirt.

Too often we think it is selfish to want to look good. “I don’t have time because I am a new mom. I don’t feel well. What if people judge me and call me a slut?” You know what? You taking that time to look halfway decent actually makes a better impression on others and sets an example for people. It makes them go, “Wow, they really take care of theirself.” It makes a better impression on your boss, your significant other, your family, even the random guy at your local coffee shop.

I know a lot of people my age are in school and sweatpants are easy, especially if you sleep late. Putting on real pants with a real shirt is just as much effort as putting on PJ pants though. Take the time to be good to yourself, it pays off. So leave the sweatpants at home. Namaste.