Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. –Mother Teresa 

This little video made my heart melt. I have said before that I am a hopeless romantic, and frankly Disney is one of the biggest reasons for it. Tales of princes and princesses, fairy god mothers, animals that can talk, fire breathing dragons, using your imagination…the stories are endless. Every single movie had a moral, a story that was worth sharing and I ate it up (still do really).

People get all up in a puff when it comes to what these movies are teaching our kids. “Oh, if you are pretty enough and find a man with money then you will be happy.” I think that’s a very sinister way of looking at these movies. I am sorry but every girl deserves to be treated like a princess and if more people showed some compassion and love in this world then we wouldn’t have so many people with these pessimistic views. It is more than just what is on the surface. Disney is wonderful at animating “fairy tales”.

Yes, stories that are based on culture to teach morals, lessons and excite the imagination of children and adults alike. THAT IS WHAT FICTION IS FOR!!!!! It caries you off to a far away land where knights and dragons fight for the princess and with a flick of a wand all your dreams come true. Stop trying to turn little kids into unimaginative adults that suppress their creativity!!! Stop shoving your world view onto them and let them decide for themselves when they are old enough to do so!!! and for the love of god, stop trying to bring psychological BS into all of this!

You know those feminists that absolutely despise men and look at them as inferior beings? The ones who think we should stop using the words he, she, and so on just so we have “equality”? I am sorry but any extreme is bad and “suppressing men” is not going to fix anything.  Nor is it good to teach children that sort of behavior. LOVE YOUR FELLOW MAN/WOMAN DAMMIT!!!! That is what we are here for and life is too short to squander it by saying hateful and hurtful things. Being angry solves nothing, you are just hurting yourself and those around you. The world is not out to get you and instead of dwelling on the past you should be in the now. It is much nicer, I promise.

Just so you all know, I am a feminist. I take pride in bringing equality to each gender and making the world “fair”. However, what I don’t like is rudeness on any and everyone’s part. I do believe in chivalry and yes, one day my prince will come whenever that may be. I am not just sitting on the sidelines waiting for it to happen though. I am being an active part of society and spreading peace, love and joy when I am able to. I walk my walk and talk my talk so people respect it.

But, back to my point I was making. If you watch any of the Disney classics or even the newer stuff, you will see the love. The purest form of love in all shapes and sizes. It captures you, inspires you, makes you want to be a better person and just be happy. There is nothing wrong with that, but the haters are gonna hate and maybe one day their heart will grow 3 sizes. It just takes that one little special moment to happen to start a chain reaction. One little gesture of love and kindness to turn someones life around. That is what Buddhism is all about, love.

So go shoot some paper airplanes with kisses on them at people and see what happens. I am sure you bring a smile to a few people faces, including yours. Namaste!



Status Report End of the Month

“High-tech tomatoes.  Mysterious milk.  Supersquash.  Are we supposed to eat this stuff?  Or is it going to eat us?”~ Annita Manning

So I have made it to the 1 month marker of being vegan and by golly I feel amazing! 😀 All kidding aside I do feel pretty nice. Still loosing weight but not as fast as before (no issue for me really because it is still coming off) and actually feeling healthier is fantastic. Sleep is still a bit wonky, but I think that is sue to stress and letting go of some things spiritually.

My skin is clearer, my dark circles are not as noticeable, I haven’t got any crud that the kids I work with have brought home, I have more energy, I am more creative and I feel unstoppable. Thus why I am continuing on this path. No, I won’t be the perfect vegan and I am just going to say that right now so no one gives me crap about it either. We humans are omnivores. We have developed into this type of being because we are able to eat all those plants, fruits and the occasional meat if other sources were scarce. That is why we have an appendix, to process raw meat and catch some of the rocks and twigs we aren’t suppose to swallow.

People always get caught up on the whole “we don’t have the digestive system of a carnivore so we shouldn’t eat meat.” Well I hate to burst your bubble guys but science says otherwise. We don’t have 4 stomachs like a cow does, we have stomach acid that is able to break down meat and we can break it down into energy. However, we are conscious of ourselves. We know we exist and we ask ourselves why we are here. That gives us a choice to eat how we want.

If you want to eat a plant based diet, go for it. If you want to eat meat and potatoes (although I think that isn’t the healthiest thing in the world and rather boring) then go for it. It is your choice and your body. All we can do is live by example and maybe enlighten others. Shoving one idea or another is not going to make someone do things willingly. It is just best to live in peace and harmony and just get along with each other. We do not solve anything with fire, only love.

So there is my rant and it is how I feel. Take it or leave it, but I am sticking to my guns. Anywho, from this point onward I will be making updates only 2 times a month on how my diet is going, partly because I think it is rather boring otherwise. I will be posting more recipes though to fill the void of posts. I also will be posting more yoga routines/ poses and meditation exercises, all within a frame of mindfulness of course. I get asked for those quite a bit by people so stay tuned!

So what is my plan for next month? Well I shall be traveling, still juicing one day a week, creating more art to sell, go deeper into my meditation and yogic practice, drink more water and keep writing. I hope you all enjoy and stay tuned! Namaste!

Diet changes

So you remember how I started out wanting to do this whole “vegan diet” for a month and then change into a macrobiotic diet? Well I have had some thoughts on all of this and I have decided to extend my veganism for a good while. Yes, I have decided to stay vegan. YAY!!!! All you veg heads out there can cheer and be super happy now.

However, there is one thing I will go ahead and say. I AM NOT GOING TO BE PERFECT!!!!! There are days when I am going to want to have a delicious juicy cheese burger (cruelty free, local and organic please) and I might give into my cravings. This does not mean I am a horrible vegan and will be punished by the vegan gods or PETA is going to shun and attack me.

I come from a mindset of if you are going to eat the animal make sure it is local, organic, and cruelty free and by god eat the whole damn thing! I am a very strong supporter of Nose to Tail cooking. It makes sense. It is wasteful not to cook the entire animal and use all of it to make something. Tan the hide and make a coat or pair of shoes, use the bones as fertilizer once all the marrow is out of it, use all the meat and stuff to feed your families and know that it was a happy animal when you got it from your local farmer. You are supporting your community people!!!

Also, there are times when I can not avoid eating things like dairy or eggs. Not many places here in NC, or the South in general, cook without butter, cheese, yogurt, eggs, ect. That is okay.  So if I have a little goat cheese on my salad that was from a local source  I am not going to freak out. I will take pleasure in the once in a blue moon treat. I’ll do my best to avoid it, but I am not going to be like, “Oh, well there is nothing vegan here so I will just eat nothing.” Skipping meals is more detrimental to my health and yours than having to suck it up and deal with a little butter.

I have also found out through this experiment that dairy and me are not friends…at least conventional dairy. Highly processed hormone injected monster cow milk is not healthy. Raw milk from local places on the other hand is. Why? Flash pasteurization kills all the good stuff in the milk and denatures the proteins so that it makes you have all this gunk in your throat. That’s why it also leaches calcium from your bones. People always say “Oh well what about the bacteria in the milk!!!” You know why their is bacteria in the milk? Because those cows at the conventional farm are being pumped full of hormones, milked to death, constantly becoming pregnant so they keep making milk, and becoming sick because of it. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound awesome to me. Also, a little bit of dirt isn’t going to kill you, it builds your immune system. So IF I have dairy at all (which is going to be very rare to begin with), I will be using that. Same goes with eggs. Local, farm raised eggs are much better for you than the ones you get at the local grocery store (plus they taste delicious).

So there is my rant and how I feel about food. I am not going to be the “Super Natzi Vegan” that everyone fears and throws paint on fur coats. I am coming from a place of compassion and understanding. I am willing to talk about my experiences, share my story and inspire others to live a more plant based lifestyle. I am not going to flip out on someone for ordering a steak in front of me either. Fighting fire with fire brings war and destruction, only love can bring peace. I also recommend the book “The Kind Diet” for people interested in the way I am eating. It is a wonderful book and has changed my perspective on veganisim as a whole. Best part is I read it last year around this time and I still remember a lot of it. It also comes with really tasty recipes. 🙂

Also, I will be posting my “update” tomorrow since it is the last day of January so i can give my thoughts on how this whole thing feels. I will also be making a poetic post to make up for Sunday probably tomorrow or Friday. I am also going on a trip to Connecticut next week from Wednesday-Sunday. I will be making regular posts during my trip so stay tuned. I hope you all enjoy and Namaste!

Will you be my Valentine?


There are all kinds of love in this wold, but never the same love twice. –F Scott Fitzgerald

Just so everyone knows, I am the Valentines Day Fairy. I am the girl who gets all gussied up for the day dressed in hearts, red/pink/white, puts on red lipstick and hands out random valentines and/or candy to people. Why? Because everyone needs a little love in their life.

Do people think I am nuts? Sometimes… I mean a random stranger who comes up and says, “Happy Valentines Day!” and then hands you a little heart shaped card or Hersey kiss is a bit weird, right? Most of the time though, people enjoy the act of kindness. Who doesn’t like free chocolate? It is all in the perspective.

People tend to get caught up on the silly things on this day. Like, “What am I going to buy for my significant other? Where are we going to eat? Will we stay in or go out? Are we going to do something special like a trip? Who am I going to go out with on that day since I am single?” and so on and so forth. First off, I am single for Valentines day this year and no, I have no idea what I am going to do on said day. Does it matter? Not really, if anything I will end up just going out with a friend or few and enjoy myself. I might just make dinner for one and watch sappy romance movies from the 40’s and 50’s. Who knows, the possibilities are endless.

Secondly, why wait to celebrate love and affection whether for you lover, friends or family? Yeah, you can do something special on that day, but it shouldn’t be the only day that you do that. People need love in life, it is what makes us grow and prosper. So instead of just saying, “Well it’s Valentines day. I am going to buy (insert random product in here) and then do something special for(insert person here).” you should try to strive and do little acts of kindness and love every day. Random surprises, no matter how big or small, are wonderful and create memories and meaning in life.  It also smooths things over so you aren’t as stressed and get all witchy all the time.

Flowers are not just for this day or when you screw up, they are wonderful any time. My dad works in the floral industry and even though my parents have been married for almost 25 years now, he still brings my mom flowers. That is how he won her over even before they started dating. She would show up to work and there was a giant bouquet of flowers for her. No name of who they were from, just for her. Of course she was a bit taken aback by this and sometimes would send flowers home with her coworkers, but she still gets excited and happy when my dad walks in the door with a big bundle of roses, irises or anything like that. It makes my heart melt.

Maybe I am a helpless romantic who likes mushy poems, flowers picked out of the garden, surprises of bring me tea when I am having a bad day, or silly pictures drawn for me just to make me smile, but it is who I am. It makes life a lot sweeter when you appreciate those things. You also don’t feel like a crotchety old hermit who hates the world (aka grumpy cat). I don’t just love receiving them though, I like giving them too. I like surprising people with baked goods I made or writing random little notes and sticking them on someones wind shield just to make their day a little brighter.

So be creative and daring! Ask that guy out that you see at the coffee shop all the time, bake your friends cookies, write a note and leave it on your coworkers desk when they are having an off day, give out valentines to random strangers. It spreads love and joy and you might even get a little bit of good karma from your actions. I hope you all enjoy and Namaste!


What is sexy?

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. –Ingrid Bergman

So I found this article of and all I could say was, “YES YES YES and YES!” to everything that was said. People tend to get caught up in the packaging of the person and take the little things for granted. It really is all the little things that make a person very attractive. I have always valued personality over looks to a degree. My reasons?

Well, I have met many men who are extremely attractive…but as dumb as a rock. Looks are not everything and with being an artist, I find beauty in all things and even unconventional things. As long as you dress nice, are genuine, honest, ect. then you are good in my book. Don’t get me wrong, I still will swoon over Gerard Butler or Ryan Gosling (HOTNESS), but looks fade. Personality is there forever.

So I hope you all enjoy this article below, and tell me what you think. Namaste!

Who the F*ck Do You Think You Are?

“What kind of fuckery is this?”
― Amy Winehouse

So, this is the poem that I was talking about in my previous post. I extremely irritated when i wrote this, so this is not normally how I react or think. I also took artistic liberty in this piece. I hope you all enjoy!

Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are?

By:Michelle Curry

Dear Sir,

Who the fuck do you think you are? In what way did you think you could win you over? Did you think that all you needed for me to lift up my skirt was a cat call and a honk of your horn? Where shiny cars that you pay for with your welfare check that my parents so gladly take out of their taxes for you and blowing me a kiss defines love and affection? Where I can’t see your bloodshot eye through those busted shades and smell the refer permeate the streets along with your cheap drugstore cologne.

How is “Bitch, you are so fine” a complement? Where i come from boys have manners, class and treat women like ladies. They speak softly to show tenderness and respect. Where Skirts don’t show all you got to give and isn’t for sale. Swag doesn’t cut it, nor does it pay bills. Just because your ancestors were once slaves does not mean that you can treat us like this. Objectification is just that, being objectified.

Bought and sold with fancy cars, Louis Viton bags and materialistic bullshit! Did you know those rims on your car that you paid all that money for actually fucks up it’s performance and just shows me how small your cock is? The fact that you did this is broad daylight on Trade Street none the less. I understand that we come from the other side of the bridge and our cultures are very different, but this is not okay.

And on top of that, you had the nerve to do this on MLK’s birthday. If he was in your car, you would have been slapped. If Jesus was in your car, you would have kept your mouth shut. This isn’t Rack City bitch, rack rack city bitch. You can keep your tens tens tens, twenties and your fifties bitch. If you read the bible that was preached to you on Sundays, you would know that saying, “If I could, I would fucking rape you right now” is not okay, and your angry God would turn you into a salt pillar.

I ain’t your shorty, bitch, ho, boo, or wifey. I am no hood bitch, nor can I bought with your cock, cars or refer. I am a well educated woman who dresses like a lady and I would prefer to be treated as such. So, this is what I have to give to you. I flick you the bird, say a blatant fuck you and keep walking. Your murmurs are all hogwash and nonsense to me. You are nothing but a scrawny ass hood rat that picked the wrong day to go after some white chocolate. So, go fuck yourself and have a nice day.

Dear Sir…

Man: Hey Baby, what’s your sign?
Woman: Do Not Enter.
So, I had this past Monday off of work. It was great; I got to go out for lunch at one of my favorite breakfast places, go to some of the stores I have been meaning to go to, see some good friends and even do some vintage shopping. However… The one thing that happened that I wasn’t happy about is this.
I was walking down Trade street in Winston. I am on this street quite often and have no issues with walking around down town Winston Salem. It is a fairly safe area since it is literally right next to the police ward. So, there I am, minding my own business and quite happy bout the day and then…*BEEEEEEEP BEEEEEP* “HEY YO GURL!” Lo and behold, there was someone cat calling me out of their car.
I understand I am what most people would consider attractive. I have been told I could go out in a potato sack, pink hair and no makeup and I would still get hit on. I am a bit modest though and tend to not think about these things. The thing is though I was walking around in a part of town I was quite familiar with and this happened. I turned to look at him and there he was, in his “hot-rod”, stopped in the middle of the street hanging out his window trying to talk to me.
“Gurl, you are so fine…so damn fine” and proceeded to wave his finger to come here and I just rolled my eyes and kept walking. Then he had the nerve to yell out to me, “If I could, I would rape you right now.” There, that’s the part where I wanted to boomerang a 6 inch stiletto heel at him. I said “Fuck you very very much”, flicked him the bird and walked a bit faster so I could dive into the closest shop possible. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT OKAY TO SAY TO ANYONE?!?!?!?!
Most of the time if I get “hit on” or what not then the men at least have some sort of tack. “Are you married? That’s a really nice jacket, kind of reminds me of Thriller. I just wanted to tell you that you are extremely beautiful.” and things of that nature. Those, while might be a bit odd, can at least be construed as complements. They don’t make you want to dive into the local yoga studio to escape from some thug in his hoopdie. It made me extremely angry. This is what woman have to put up with on a daily basis.
Objectification is just that, be objectified and treated as an inanimate, emotionless thing. No one, man or woman, should be treated like this. I understand there is a difference between white and black culture, I am not that familiar with it and I don’t really feel comfortable having to label it like that either. Regardless, the fact that he could say that to someone else and then get laid bothers me! That is the wrong type of game that he has going on. It’s illegal or can be illegal if acted upon those words. I have been in that situation, I know what it feels like to be treated like you don’t matter and it has to stop.
I could have been typical and defended how I was dressed or what not, but I didn’t. Needless to say it wasn’t provocative. You don;t have to dress provocatively to get attention from people anyway. This is the number one thing people say is “what were you wearing?” and then you receive the response of “you were asking for it”. In what way is a huge sweater and scarf with boots and wool socks provocative? How is that asking for it? And woman don’t get raped just going home from the club either. It can happen at any day and time. It’s horrifying to even think about, and so most just turn a blind eye and don’t talk about it.
So, like most things that bother me, I decided to write about it. I will be posting it as soon as I can get a hold of my note book which I left at work. It was quite the rant of epicness. But for now, I would like to say this:
Dear Sir
I will probably never see you again in my life I am hoping but, who the hell do you think you are?
I can’t believe you even had the nerve to say that crap to me and think it is okay!
On what planet or time is that ever allowed or cool? It is not and if you were in my shoes you wouldn’t appreciate it either. I hope to God that you have an epiphany and realize that you are contributing to what is called rape culture and until you stop acting like a jerk, it is not going to end.
Now go fuck yourself because that’s the only game you’ll be getting if this continues because karma is a bitch.
Me and the rest of the woman population