Past Lives



One who knows that the position reached by the means of analytical study can also be attained by devotional service, and who therefor sees analytical study and devotional service to be on the same level, sees things as they are. — (5:5) Bhagavad Gita

Cleanses make you do funny things, like look back at all your past lives and go, “Ok, what should I learn from this experience?” or even just your past from this life and ask the very same question. It has been a bit rocky, to say the least. Having all this anger and fear come up, trying to let go of things that I NEVER had control of in the first place, disassociating feelings with situations going on now that I saw in the past, and the list goes on and on and on…

Well I am going to tell you about one of my past lives that I feel is a bit important especially now. Since I was very little, I had reoccurring dreams about being a man. I didn’t speak English and it sounded very similar to Hindi, but I was able to understand everything. I would talk to groups of people and they would listen to me and ask me questions about life. I remember practicing yoga and waking up early to do my devotions; mantras and I would meditate. I even remember meditating once and I was able to levitate and when I woke up I said, “I remember how to do that!” and so I did exactly what I did in my dream. I scared my self a little bit doing so, but hey, it happens.

Some of you are probably going to say that I was just around some Hindus and I picked up on a few things and I let my imagination run wild. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I grew up in a VERY white bread community and didn’t know anything about that stuff at all. I wasn’t ever exposed to it. I just gravitated towards it as I got older and that is when I started putting pieces together. For awhile, I thought they were just dreams, till people started meeting me and telling me about said dreams that I NEVER told anyone about. “Oh, you were my guru in a past life.” “Do you remember levitating? You were an Ascended Master.” “Oh my God I found you again!” At first I was like O_o and asked, “How the hell do you know this shit?” but then I sat with it and continued to put pieces together. I figured with all the people telling me these things then I should PROBABLY look into it.

Last Summer, I had an experience where it all came full circle. I was with my best friend and my boyfriend at the time. We were doing a spiritual cleansing because I felt like I had some sort of attachment to me that was extremely old and really needed to go. My body was in dire pain, everything literally ached to my very core; even my hair hurt. I was trying to breathe through it, but whatever it was, it would not let go. I felt helpless, then all of a sudden I hear this voice boom into me and say, “Do these asanas.” And so I got up with no warning and started doing a series of yoga I had never done before. I heard mantras being sung in my head and all I did was breath deeply and continue until I heard the voice say, “That is enough for now.” The entire time, my body had this wave of warmth run through it and i felt like things were being rearranged. Once I stopped, I sat there in silence and just breathed. after about 10 mins or so, I opened my eyes and both of them looked a bit befuddled.

The next thing I heard was the word Kullu and I went, “hmmm…that sounds familiar. I wonder why?” so I did a search on my phone and BAM! It is a place in India and you know what else? There are devotees to Lord Narasimha there AND it lines up with all of my dreams, previous experiences and what just happened. So basically, I was like…”Oh my God, it all makes sense!!!” Since that point, I have had a lot more experiences and being able to remember things from that life time. I have come to the conclusion that who was talking to me was Narasimha and he stayed with me for about a week after and then just faded out.

So, why am I bring this up now? Well, like I said, cleanses make you reflect on things and I feel I needed to reflect and share this with all of you. I also have been doing comparisons between The Tibetan Book of the Dead and The Bhagavad Gita to help get me through some of these “emotional hangups” I have been having. I am trying to get myself out of this thought tunnel I have been stuck in for quite a bit. I know it is going to take time and lots of effort to do so, but I am fairly confidant I will be ok. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and anything really is possible. I hope you all enjoy and Namaste!




“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.”–Thich Nhat Hanh

I have been doing a lot of thinking, and usually when I do a lot of thinking I don’t get a lot of sleep because I have to get my mind out on paper. This is one reason why I wrote this. It basically sets a stage of where I am at the moment of life. I have all these thoughts swirling about my head and I am not sure what to do with them, except get them down in some sort of writing. I am sure this is because of all the releasing I have been doing lately, so at least I have become productive. I hope you all enjoy and Namaste!


by: Michelle Curry

Living, dying, inhale, exhale, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth making a “haaaa” sound. Bring all of your energy upwards into your body from the roots, your feet, planted firmly into the ground. And with each breath taken in, let the negativity in your heart dispel outwards. This is the concept of death. Let the old die and the new be reborn. Each breath is intention, each exhale is letting go. We have no control over this; it is a natural part of us. Without breath, we do not live, as without the sun, we do not flourish. Holding onto our negativity, no matter how real it seems, is cheating death and only beckons it closer. For the only thing that is dying is the ego, our souls live on. Constantly dancing in the love and light, enlightenment, oneness, peace; this is waking up. We are waking up from the coma we have put ourselves into willingly. We breathe in new life and exhale all the things that we “thought” were important. It is just a mask that our ego hides behind, trying to grab us and eat us alive, like Coronus eating his children. But with each breath comes awareness and with each exhale comes release. It is but a moment in time, much like a breath only lasts as long as a few seconds, fleeting at best. Breathe in through your heart and breathe out though your feet, let in love and let out false truths. Breath in life, breathe out death, inhale, exhale.



And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest
not the beam that is in thine own eye? Matthew 7:3

I am not one to quote the bible, unless someone tries to argue with me from that vantage point. However, there are a few verses that have stuck with me through these years that I am quite fond of. The thing is, as human being we LOVE to judge others for their faults and issues. It makes us feel better about ourselves. The problem with this is we more often than not have our own issues and are in no place to put blame or judgment on others. It’s the whole projection of how we feel about ourselves onto others. It is my biggest pet peeve…EVER!!!

So, why am I bringing this up? I have been facing this quite a bit when I decided I was going to go on to some spiritual forums to get advice on different subject. I know I do not know everything and that is why I am asking questions; to get other peoples view points. The biggest issue with this? When someone starts acting “holier than though” or “more enlightened” than I am, my bullshit meter is just GONE. Absolutely gone and I have no tolerance for that. The reason for that is because those are usually the people that are the most closed off and end up leading “the sheep” with manipulation and being able to pull the fleece over their eyes. They are the ones who turn people away from finding out answers and make people say, “This is bullshit.”

So yes, my journey to find answers has just led to finding more people that are full of crap and I can see through their walls and I intimidate the crap out of them. It is a bit annoying and I know they are everywhere, but I just have no patience for it. I am just hoping that one day people will realize that they need to work through their own bullshit before pointing it out to others. End Rant.

The Chip Experiement


“The English contribution to world cuisine – the chip.”–John Cleese

Yes, I am on a cleanse, but I had a crunchy craving so I figured if I can’t have store bought chips, I will make my own. The results were AWESOME! So awesome, I didn’t get a chance to take photos before eating them. However, I figured I would tell you the recipe anyway in case you wanted to try it out!

Veggie Chips Of AWESOME

You will need: 1-2 lbs of root vegetables of choice, olive oil, salt and pepper and or other seasonings,a mandolin slicer/ vegetable peeler, a few cookie sheets, tongs and an oven.

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Slice your veggies using a mandolin or veggie peeler. You want them to be thin enough that they crisp up while baking. I used sweet potatoes and carrots, but you can use any root vegetable or hardy vegetable of your choosing. Eggplant,  beets, acorn squash, ect. No need to peel either if you don’t want to.
  • In a bowl, toss slices with a drizzle of olive oil. You want enough to slightly coat them, not be smothered in it so use it lightly. A little goes a long way.
  • Lay out on cookie sheet evenly as possible. They will shrink up while baking so if they are touching it isn’t a big deal.
  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Feel free to add any other seasoning at this point too. Nutritional yeast would be great for a cheesy flavor packed full of vitamins.
  • Put in oven and let cook for 8-10 mins, take them out and turn them over and cook for another 5-10 mins. My sweet potatoes took about 25 mins in my oven, but my carrots only took about 15 so just watch it. You don’t want them to get burnt.
  • Once done, remove from cookie sheet and let cool in a small bowl. Then dig in! They will last about a week, but I doubt they will last that long because they are so yummy!

The best thing about these chips is the fact they are healthy for you. Yes, I said it. The reason why is because you are not using nearly the amount of oil that goes into deep frying and you can control how much you use. Plus, olive oil is great for your heart. Also using root vegetables gives you more nutrients than just plain old potato chips. So you can rest at ease knowing that all that yumminess isn’t going to go straight to your butt.

Oh, and here is a little tiddly-bit. I used a quote about chips above. The British slang term for chips is actually crisps. They call French Fries chips. Might seem a bit confusing since I used that quote in here, but it is one of my favorites and it seems appropriate. And they both are tasty none the less. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and Namaste!




“So long as we have failed to eliminate any of the causes of human despair, we do not have the right to try to eliminate those means by which man tries to cleanse himself of despair.”–Antonin Artaud

So every spring, I tend to do a cleanse. With Seasonal changes, our bodies change and must adapt to the new things around it. That is why it is important to eat with the seasons, and take time to listen to our bodies instead of forcing it to be a certain way. It always is telling us something; physically, emotionally and spiritually. So, what better way to kick off Spring than to pump it full of nutrients from fruits and veggies? No to mention ramping up my yoga routine and spending more time outside. With warm weather comes bike rides, picnics and being one with nature. Who doesn’t love that?

So, that is the reason for not posting yesterday. I had to take a bit to regroup and let go of some stuff. Plus, being super grumpy and detoxing is no fun. Just trying to get through a yoga routine without crying was hard enough, plus headaches and body aches…it was a nightmare. But, with lots of sleep and sticking to things, I was able to get through it and I am a lot better now. 🙂 I’ll be doing this for a few weeks. No gluten. no sugar unless from agave, maple or stevia. Staying the heck away from corn if I can at all help it. Bye bye junk food… I will make my own. (poor Oreos…)

So, what’s on todays menu? Lot’s of herbal and green tea, fresh made juice, and stir fried veggies. Oh, and a handful of nuts and seeds for snack. I might take a crack at making veggie chips this weekend for an extra treat. That will be interesting since I will have hit the one month marker with Bryce on Saturday. I shall post a few recipes of the things I make and let you all know how they turn out. Now, off to go and do yoga at the park! Namaste!

And Good Friday to You…


“He drained the cup of God’s wrath bone dry, leaving not a drop for us to drink.” –Richard Allen Bodey

It is, indeed, Good Friday amongst the Christian community. The time of year where you trek to Church to remember Jesus dieing for our sins on the cross and how he rose from the tomb to show that he was indeed The Son of God. Then afterwards you you gather with family over dinner in celebration. However, this was not the original purpose of Easter.

All those eggs in cool colors, the flowers, and the Easter Bunny were not Christian ideas. Blasphemy you say? Oh no, it’s quite true. They have nothing to do with Jesus rising from the tomb, being put on the cross or even breaking bread and taking in the body of Christ. Easter, is indeed at its roots, a pagan holiday. And all the things we have had become synonymous with Easter really all has to do with Spring and Fertility.

In early times, Christians celebrated with the pagans and just took their own spin on it. As Christianity gained popularity, some of the things just stuck because people refused to give up tradition. Like Hot Cross Buns, egg bread, and exchanging colored eggs as gifts. In origin they represented The Goddess (which one depending on where you lived) and the “sun” being resurrected into the sky so that we could grow crops and be prosperous. That is one reason why I don’t really have a problem with Christians and celebrating Easter like they do. It still works out on both ends and it shows how cultures can coexist amongst one another.

It just scares people because they were never taught this growing up as a child and I guess people get embarrassed. That is why you have a lot of people trying to deny it and be extremely ignorant about the whole thing and then take all the fun stuff out of the holiday. That seems like no fun to me at all and just breeds more ignorance amongst others. So, where does the mindfulness come into all of this? EASY!!! Go celebrate and be tolerant of others and their traditions! It is good to know the history and traditions of different cultures when it comes to holidays, but sticking it in other peoples faces and saying, “I am better than you because of [insert bigoted statement here]” is not necessary. This is a time of happiness, gratitude and a good excuse to eat some awesome food! It is a “moveable feast” after all.

So when you are meditating, praying or whatnot; just take a few moments to express gratitude, joy, and love towards yourself and others. Go sit outside in the warm sun with friends and take pleasure in knowing that we are all different and unique and that is perfectly awesome. It keeps things interesting. Now, go pick some flowers, bake an awesome cake, and celebrate with family and friends over the weekend. Don’t get too stuffed on peeps though. Namaste!



“Falling in love should be like Polaroids. Instant.” –Unknown

Within the past month, I have had a whirlwind of excitement and wonder as far as my love life goes. With any new relationship, you tend to have the puppy love stage where everything seems to be perfect and nothing can seem to go wrong. The problem is, most people let that wear off and forget to see their special someone in that light again. They become comfortable and let things slip and just “put up” with them. I refuse to be like this!

I will not let myself fall into the trap of letting someone I am with become just another person that puts up with me and let that give me an excuse to let myself go in all the wrong ways. I have been in too many relationships where this has happened, and the excuses for doing so have led to fights, heart break, tears and ass like behavior on both ends. We are but human, and sometimes we do stupid stuff, but the worst you can do is treat the person who has your heart like they aren’t special and just do whatever your ego is telling you to do.

And by ego, I mean the little gremlin inside your head that says you need X,Y, and Z to make you happy and makes you act like a down right jerk that thinks he/she is better than everyone else. Its what makes us attached so much to our image, what makes us feel jealous and insecure without material possessions and desires , and what drives most of Western culture to be like it is. When I meditate, this little guy starts screaming at me loud and clear with a megaphone trying to get me to pay attention to it. “You need to loose weight! You need to get a boob job! You need to buy this purse! You need to get a vintage Jag! NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED!!!!!” Well, most of those things aren’t needs, they are just things. Things that have been drilled into our heads to make us feel like we are not enough as we are.

We are enough though, right now we are indeed enough. The reason someone falls in love with you is not for all the fancy things you have, your job, your money or what car you drive or even the clothes you wear. They fall in love with you and who you are inside on both good and bad days. It’s all the imperfections that make you who you are and what makes you special. We tend to forget that, we think that someone is perfect and once they show us they are but only human, it automatically makes us feel betrayed and wonder what they think of us. And that is where the ego starts yapping away, making us feel like we are less than we are. “He will love you more if you dress this way. You should try and make your lips look bigger. If you died your hair then he would notice you more. Maybe if you start liking all the things he likes and doing all the things he does and give up all your hopes and dreams then hell pay attention.” And then we listen, and then feel resentful for it and blame our love for it…and thus the vicious cycle starts.

However, if we come into a relationship with mindfulness, not just of ourselves and our limits, but of the other persons as well then we are able to grow in love. Honesty is the best policy; trying to be your best self is great if you are doing it for yourself and the other person encourages you to do so. They are there to accept you as you are and give you the support you need to be able to grow. That is how love works. Now, as you can see, my blog post is entitled keys. Keys, in this sense, can be tools we use to ground ourselves and remind us not to get all up in our head so we can make sure we put our all into any relationship. This can be romantic, work related or really anything we need to put our mind to. We just have to remember we are enough.

It can also be taken literately. When I said my love life has been a whirlwind, this is one of the things I was talking about. I ended up writing a poem yesterday, in all of my twitterpation about it. I hope you all enjoy and Namaste.


by: Michelle Curry

Jingle, Jingle, Jingle… the sound of keys ring as I drive home as they beat against the ignition. It reminds me of the melody that is your voice, playing over and over in my head much like a well loved record that is stuck on repeat. “Go make yourself a key.” I contemplated this while making breakfast and waiting for you to come back from work for a few minutes to discuss details. I have never had many keys in my life, not even ones to my own home.

It felt…new and precious, even if it was but only a small gesture of kindness and vulnerability. You have let me not only occupy the space your heart, but also your space in your home… I have given many a boy a chance to show they have the key to my heart, and all have failed till now. You rush in and make quick work of chores, making sure you have enough time to lay with me before you run back to the office. “You are amazing and I love you. You have all of me…” Thinking of those words just reminds me of your eyes, soft and blue…full of hope and trust. They are the gateway to the soul, after all…

Many a kiss and hug were given before you dashed off again. I had my assignment, you sent me on a mission to find a hardware store on Franklin Street. Of course, being from Winston-Salem, I don’t know where anything is and GPS helps but only so much. I park in a free spot and trek up and down…pondering about shop whereabouts and who’s keys fit where. All the boys who had tried before had keys for different things. Some where too big, some where too fancy, some were too small, and some were very rusty. They all seemed ill fitting to my heart and were better suited for other things. Like garages, old cars and even basements. Some of them were for cages, making me feel trapped, and all the gold plating on the bars and frivolous gifts that were only given if something was wrong were just to hide the fact I was more like property than anything else.

Only but a prize or a trophy that had been seemingly “won”, I was not… and like a bird, I flew at the best chance I got to escape, and I hid my tracks hoping to not be found again. You found me though, hiding in the bramble all shook up and teary eyed, trying to nurse old wounds so I wouldn’t feel so weak and failing miserably at it. All you did was hold me, no cage to bind me or chains to hold me there, I wanted to stay because that was enough. And kind words, like mantras heal my soul, as they pour out your mouth like waterfalls. “I love you…go make yourself a key.”

I got lost for a bit during my quest, asking a police officer for directions I finally started going the right way. Apparently the store was on the other end. On my way back I got many a cat call… random college students trying to impress there friends in how “bold” they were. Puffing out there chest making a show and honking horns as I walk by. A few random hobos who looked like they were stuck in the 70’s and drunk then decided to have a go and see if I would pay them attention. No avail, but it freaked me out quite a bit. Then an older man decided to be a flirt as I walked to my car to go park elsewhere; I was beginning to wonder if they were sent here to deter me from my quest…

I park in a spot someone still had time left on and then I found the place. Brown’s Paint and Hardware, and behind the old wooden door sat a little old man with a very sweet (yet flirtatious) demeanor. “Well hello there young lady, how may I help you?” “I need to make a copy of this key, please.” “Ok, that will be no trouble. How many copies?” “Oh, just one, please, sir.” He winked at me and went behind his desk, whistling an old tune that seemed familiar but couldn’t be placed, I hear scraping of metal behind the wall and I craned my neck to see what was happening. It was all over in a matter of 15 seconds and he walks back with the bright new shiny key. “Here you go, young lady. That was mighty nice of you to stop in here to have this made.” “Well my boyfriend told me to come here so I figured it was a good place to stop.” He smiled as I handed him the money. “Come back anytime you’d like and have a great day!”

As I walked out the door I couldn’t believe that I now had my own key, one that finally fit. It was just the right size, gold and shiny and fit nicely on my key ring. Now they jingle when I walk instead of just making a muffled clank. And even though it isn’t much, it means all the world to me. I will keep it forever and I will never let go. Jingle, Jingle, Jingle, a melody that floats about my ears, singing a song though my atmosphere. This is where our souls meet body, like 2 puzzle pieces we fit, and you have the key to my heart and then some.