And Good Friday to You…


“He drained the cup of God’s wrath bone dry, leaving not a drop for us to drink.” –Richard Allen Bodey

It is, indeed, Good Friday amongst the Christian community. The time of year where you trek to Church to remember Jesus dieing for our sins on the cross and how he rose from the tomb to show that he was indeed The Son of God. Then afterwards you you gather with family over dinner in celebration. However, this was not the original purpose of Easter.

All those eggs in cool colors, the flowers, and the Easter Bunny were not Christian ideas. Blasphemy you say? Oh no, it’s quite true. They have nothing to do with Jesus rising from the tomb, being put on the cross or even breaking bread and taking in the body of Christ. Easter, is indeed at its roots, a pagan holiday. And all the things we have had become synonymous with Easter really all has to do with Spring and Fertility.

In early times, Christians celebrated with the pagans and just took their own spin on it. As Christianity gained popularity, some of the things just stuck because people refused to give up tradition. Like Hot Cross Buns, egg bread, and exchanging colored eggs as gifts. In origin they represented The Goddess (which one depending on where you lived) and the “sun” being resurrected into the sky so that we could grow crops and be prosperous. That is one reason why I don’t really have a problem with Christians and celebrating Easter like they do. It still works out on both ends and it shows how cultures can coexist amongst one another.

It just scares people because they were never taught this growing up as a child and I guess people get embarrassed. That is why you have a lot of people trying to deny it and be extremely ignorant about the whole thing and then take all the fun stuff out of the holiday. That seems like no fun to me at all and just breeds more ignorance amongst others. So, where does the mindfulness come into all of this? EASY!!! Go celebrate and be tolerant of others and their traditions! It is good to know the history and traditions of different cultures when it comes to holidays, but sticking it in other peoples faces and saying, “I am better than you because of [insert bigoted statement here]” is not necessary. This is a time of happiness, gratitude and a good excuse to eat some awesome food! It is a “moveable feast” after all.

So when you are meditating, praying or whatnot; just take a few moments to express gratitude, joy, and love towards yourself and others. Go sit outside in the warm sun with friends and take pleasure in knowing that we are all different and unique and that is perfectly awesome. It keeps things interesting. Now, go pick some flowers, bake an awesome cake, and celebrate with family and friends over the weekend. Don’t get too stuffed on peeps though. Namaste!


One thought on “And Good Friday to You…

  1. Beautifully said! As a Believer of Christ, I realized early the truth behind the name Easter. It did not offend me at all, since my remembrance is internal. Thank you so much for sharing…and have a blessed weekend! m.

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