If Goddesses Wore Flannel


If  the Sun and Moon should ever doubt, they’d immediately go out.–William  Blake

Here is a poem that I wrote last night while at writing club. I tapped into some of my “witchy nature” and I really enjoy it. It is quite a bit different from my other pieces. Namaste!

If Goddesses Wore Flannel

By: Michelle Curry

Shedding skin like memories of past lovers, I breath you in deeply

Lungs full of smoke, smelling of cedar and pine, you understand

You found me, my centaur and so we dance…

Dance by the willow in which you found me, by the river in which I keep

Moon lit skin cloaked in flannel, the red contrasting with my raven hair

Crown me with branches resembling those of our horned god, he is watching

He knows of our dancing, how you whisper sweet nothings in my ear

and the giggles that turn into babbling brooks and fireflies.

He watches as the reeds sing the melody and the crickets and frogs create the rhythm,

much like the drums of the human tribes.

Cover my face in Indigo with markings taught to you by the fairy folk.

Hands touch and hearts become one, you remember and you know,

I am your goddess and your love is what makes me glow.

Come with me my love and let us run away in the moonlight,

run to the in between and let us stay there forever more.


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