Turn Up The Sound

Open the dark side of me
Find where your faith needs to be
Help me gain  focus on you
Partly I know what to do

For most of us seasoned meditators we are all aware of the little voices that pop up in our head. All the drifting thoughts that bring us in and out of consciousness, altering our reality, mulling over what could have been and what might be…all voices that need to be quieted because in the end, wondering what might have been if we said yes to going on that date or how we are going to make time to finish that “to do” list does not really matter. It is all hubbub and meaningless chatter within our minds that we constantly tune in and out of during our everyday life. It can be overwhelming at first, but within time we quite the voices and turn up the inner sound of our souls.

The peace that is within us all is amazing and beautiful. Each of our inner songs are unique, just like us…it’s just is a journey to finally get to that point. That is where most new meditators get stuck. “I thought this inner peace stuff was just going to happen? Why can I not stop thinking? Am I not doing this right?” Practice makes perfect they say, but not knowing where to start or how to quiet the mind and “turn up the sound” can make things daunting. This is why I usually recommend people try meditating to music. Listening to other sounds quite our voices and gives us a moment of peace and clarity. Then once we get into our “zone”, then we are able to step away from the outer sounds and listen within. I hope you all enjoy and Namaste!


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