“Do not be alarmed if they look paler than the other maidens of Greece. They are scarcely of this Earth, and seem to be shaking off the sleep of a past life.”
― Charles Nodier, Smarra: & Trilby

So here is a poem that I was urged in my heart to write because of some recent events that have happened. Also, don’t forget to check the link at the bottom of the page. It is a beautiful article from elephant journal that talks about archetypes.  I hope you all enjoy! Namaste!


By: Michelle Curry

Touch me where it counts,

Kiss me where it hurts,

I will always thirst for you…

With every breath I take, I breathe you in…

And out again…

Like smoke that lingers around our mouths

Souls touch in that sacred space between these hearts

Creating heart lines from star signs

Red lovers cords braid and manifest

So that we become one

And I you and you me know this language

Spoken softly so that only church bells may hear

Tender are our kisses that leave us breathless

Creating space within one another

So these spirits have a place to call home

And the echos of the hallow give way to the wind

Whistling and blowing heart songs like bird calls

Only the willing are ready to hear this story

And it has only just begun.




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