The Yogi and Wine

Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.–Benjamin Franklin

Being a yogi and an avid mediator, people often ask me why I like wine so much. I mean I am only 23 so I should be drinking beer or mixed drinks right? Nope…call me an old soul, but that is just what I like. “But how can you drink and be serious about yoga?!?!” Here in lies the “issues” most people have while practicing yoga.

I am a strong supporter of having “everything in moderation”, which includes alcohol for me. We are but human and we are not perfect beings. Most religions and strict practices often prohibit alcohol, drugs, sex and other “worldly” things. If someone who works 40 hours a week with a family suddenly takes an interest in yoga and you tell them, “You can’t eat meat or drink alcohol again if you practice yoga.” they are more than likely going to turn their nose up at you and say, “No thanks.”

Again, yoga is an ancient practice that has changed over hundreds of years. It’s continuing to change as we know it, so why not change a few of the rules? Sure, if you want you can devote yourself to your practice and do all of the things and abstain from these worldly things if that is your path and what makes you happy. For me, however, I like to look at it as a challenge. A chance for me to practice what I have learned on the mat in my day to day life. Mindfulness at its finest!

This is normally what I do as a mini meditation when I am out and about having a glass of wine. Pick a wine that you know you will love or try something new along the lines of what you already like. When you get your glass, take a moment to look at it and examine how beautiful it looks. Hold it in your hand and swirl it around as you smell the aromas. Let them sink in and enjoy the smell, try even to identify what it smells like. Slowly take a sip and enjoy the flavors on your tongue and then take a moment to breath and sit with the taste. Take a few minutes between  sips to have lovely conversation and see how the wine affects you and how the flavors change with each sip. Once the glass is finished, take a moment to sit with awareness of your body and show gratitude. And there you go! Meditation with wine!

Usually if I drink this way, I don’t nearly drink as much because I don’t need to. I am happy with the feeling I get from one glass and I know that I am being mindful in the process. It works wonderfully. It is also easy to do with any other drink or even food. Anyone is able to do it, no special skills required. I hope you all enjoy and Namaste!


4 thoughts on “The Yogi and Wine

  1. Your wine meditation and mini practice sounds great! Do you find the wine inhibits your regular practice at all? I used to meditate and drink red wine (I especially like Malbec) but found the wine got in the way of meditation. So I’d love to know your secret 🙂

    • My secret isn’t really a secret. I just allow the wine to have an effect on me and embrace the feeling. It just makes my body more relaxed and my mind follows suit. If you can’t sit still, do a moving meditation. Malbec is delicious btw, I really enjoy a good Shiraz myself. 🙂

  2. I actually started drinking a glass a red a day give or take… and I have been calling it my meditation as well!! Love to sit outside and sip, and experience the beauty!

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