The Art of Vegan Baking








Let them eat cake.-Marie Antoinette

Sorry for the missed post yesterday, all of this traveling has taken it out of me so I needed a day off. I will make up a post later on during the week. Anywho, so Valentines Day is Thursday and I am going to my lovely friend Jacob’s house for dinner. It is awful sweet of him to cook for me. I think I shall end up baking some sort of cake to help out, that is if he lets me. It should be an interesting evening.

Tonight, however, I am making chocolate carob brownies for all of my friend at writing club. They all LOVE my vegan baked goods and that really is how I got started into the whole vegan journey. I have had several friends who have food allergies or special diets, so I would bake stuff for them that they could eat. It tastes just as good, if not better and it much richer and healthier in the end. That is what got me hooked (since I have an outrageous sweet tooth at times) and I thought, “Well if I can still eat this stuff and it tastes even better then hell I will be vegan!”

It took a bit to get use to the idea but everything is a process. Anywho, so we are going to meet at Krankies and then head out to eat dinner with all of my buddies and just have a jolly good time! I know they will enjoy the chocolaty goodness that I am bringing too. Nothing beats chocolate for Valentines Day!

Here is the link to the recipe that I used :  The only thing I did differently was just add everything together without putting it on the stove and add bananas instead of oil. It works out really well because they are still fluffy and moist but with more nutritional impact. I hope you all enjoy and Namaste!


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