What There is to do in Rocky Hill, Connecticut (Day 2)

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”          ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Day two of my trip so far has been interesting. It is snowing like mad outside and it started at 8 this morning, even though they said it wasn’t going to start till 4. Chris had an early day today because of it so I haven’t been left completely alone the whole time, which was rather nice. However, I will not get ahead of myself because I have to talk about what I did last night.

I made dinner which was home made tomato soup. I sadly didn’t have any heirloom tomatoes or a blender so it wasn’t as good as it normally is. After that we just chilled out for a bit and then i got to go to a lovely dance studio in Glastonbury called Fred Astaire. Chris has been taking dancing lessons for a little bit and they like to throw parties where you bring people and you get to learn a few dance moves and watch a show.

It was pretty awesome to say the least. we were greeted with champagne and then sat down at one of the tables till everyone showed up. Then after I had finished my glass, I was taken by the hand by a very lovely gentleman who taught at the studio named Andrew Kerski. He is originally from Moscow, Russia and was very bubbly (and quite handsome at that). He showed me a few basic dances like Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Salsa and Rumba. It was wonderful ad I really enjoyed myself.

After a little bit of that, then the staff preformed a show of a few dances. It really made me want to learn how to do the tango…like REALLY REALLY BAD. Then they told us about a special they were doing for 2 classes for 10$, which is a great price. They said I could take both classes on the same day since I was going to be leaving on Sunday so I said, “Hey, why not?” Once all that was over we headed back home for a nice quite evening.

So after I woke up and got Chris to work this morning, I ran back by the grocery store for a few essential items in case we got snowed in. Normal canned and shelf stable things (yes, you can be vegan and eat canned stuff) to make sandwiches and what not.  It started snowing while I was there and it was super pretty. Im sure I got a few funny looks as I looked outside in bewilderment at the fluffy stuff coming down.

Then I went and got gas and then had breakfast at a local place called Bob’s Coffee House. Think of it as a local Waffle House, but with better service and more options. They made me a special order of Home Fries and grilled veggies with no butter. It was really yummy and super cheap too. Their coffee was hellacious though. Tasted like watered down instant coffee so if you need caffeine, go somewhere else.

After breakfast I made a stop at Uptown Consignment to look for a few things, one of them being dance shoes since all the ones I brought were either too clunky or way to high. Found a pair for a dollar so i was quite pleased and I picked up a few other things as well. I manages to get a pair of black leather gloves, a lovely black velvet dress and a vintage gold clam shell purse (no really, it looks like a gold clam shell and is made out of metal). Yay clothes and my hands wont freeze to death either.

Chris got out of work early so i went and grabbed him,  made some lunch, spiffed up a bit and then went and took dance lesson for 2 hours. Apparently I learn quickly and now my feet and sides hurt, but I had lots and lots of fun. I think I will be looking into taking some dance lessons when I get back home. We grabbed some coffee on the way home an drove on the snowy roads, now we are back safe and sound in the apartment to ride out the storm. We are suppose to get anywhere from one to three feet of snow, but we shall see.

I am planning on showing Chris what snow cream is since it is going to be enough to make some, but it will be the vegan version of it. Agave nectar, vanilla, snow, and almond milk. Yummy! 😀 Not sure what is going to happen tomorrow, but I think I will be playing in the snow and maybe taking a nature walk so I can get some really good pictures. For now though, I am going to enjoy the good company and curl up with a good book. Namaste!


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