What there is to do in Rocky Hill, CT (day 1)

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see. –Gilbert K. Chesterton

Well I made it! 😀 All in one piece and it was fantastic. I will say this though, waiting at the Greensboro airport for more than 2 hours is f*cking depressing. That has to be one of the dankest and darkest airports ever! It dampened my mood a bit for my first flight but once I was in the air…I was hooked.

Mesmerized by all the lights, it looked like a million stars strewn about the galaxy in different patterns and colors. And then before I knew it I landed in Charlotte, ate at a wine bar (yes, it was delicious and sooooooo much nicer than Greensboro) and then hoped onto my next flight towards Bradley. I sat beside a lovely gentleman who sold vegan meat substitutes through the company he works for (the odds are astounding, I know) and he asked me all about my plans and was convinced I would freeze to death in CT because all my stuff fit in my carry on. When I wasn’t talking to him I was reading “If Buddha Walked into a Bar” or writing hikus.

I got in around midnight, saw my friend Chris waiting for me at baggage claim and then our trek to his apartment began as we talked each others heads of on the ride there.  Sadly, he had to work today so I have been left to my own demise. I got up at 7, took him to work,  and managed to pick up some groceries so I can cook a few things. Then the fun began… My first official stop was West Hartford Yoga or WHY.

I went to the noon power class taught by Linda Schramm, who was a lovely instructor that was bubbly and welcoming. Needless to say I really enjoyed the class and got my power yoga sweat on! She also managed for me to open up my hips more and get deeper into my forward bends (can you say ow and awesome?) and left me with a total yoga high afterwards. Before leaving I bought myself a shirt as a lovely reminder. I will be coming back though!

Next stop was the “packing store” or Liquor store as us Southern Folk call it. Funny thing is in North Carolina you can buy wine and beer at the grocery store…but not in Connecticut! Oh no, the wine is at the “packing store” along with the rest of the booze. Weird? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. I got 2 bottles of my favorite wines, Apothic Red and Cupcake Red Velvet, for 20$ along with an airplane bottle size of Patron Cafe. I wish that stuff was as cheap back where I am from. Stupid taxes…

And my last stop for today was East West Grille for some lovely Thai Food!!!!! Now, I eat Thai on a regular basis, but this just blew me out of the park! It is in an old city dinner, its super cozy and the staff is amazing! Plus its all super cheap and vegan friendly! I had the Thai Cigars (crispy onion rolls), Crispy rice salad, and Pumpkin Green Curry with tofu. It was absolutely amazing and delicious! I would hop on a damn plane just to eat there if I could and no i am not exaggerating either. I have lots of leftovers so I am going to save it for tomorrows lunch.

Traveling back to the apartment was a bit of a pain in the butt…but I got to see some of Down Town Hartford on the way back and actually soak it in instead of whizzing by. I really hope I get to walk around the Down Town area and check out a few of the shops. It is suppose to snow a foot or more here tomorrow (yay, real snow!!!!) so keep your fingers crossed. I am not sure what I am getting into tonight but I am sure it will involve food of some sort (whether I cook or we go out) and possibly other shenanigans.

But yes, so far so good for my trip. I am sure whatever happens I will enjoy myself. I will be reporting back to you all soon for Day 2. Namaste!


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