Packing Light

Never go on trips with anyone you do not love. —Ernest Hemingway 

In two days I will be going on a trip to Rocky Hill Connecticut. I am pretty stoked because it is going to be the first time I will be flying, first time in Connecticut and I will be seeing someone I am very fond of that I had the lovely pleasure of meeting in November though a mutual friend. What I am not stoked about is the packing.

I am a total fashionista and think of, “Oh, what if I need this? If I don’t bring that I won’t be prepared!” That whole rule of pack your suitcase and then take half out… I have a rather hard time with that. I will only be gone until Sunday so that means I only need 5 days worth of clothes. Sounds easy doesn’t it? NOPE! I need to make sure I have casual and going out outfits, make sure all my stuff matches to I can interchange it if need be, make sure I have proper shoes in appropriate colors, and have a decent amount of accessories. Not to mention all the face and hair products, trying to figure out if I need a hairdryer or not, things to keep me occupied on the plane ride… It is endless.

Yeah, I might be freaking out a bit too much, but it always seems to happen even when I do road trips. The only difference is I need to make sure that my bag (besides my carry on) is under a certain weight limit otherwise I have to pay an outrageous fee. So cough up the extra cash or learn to “LET GO OF STUFF”. There, mindfulness at its finest! It is in everything that we do. I will be making a packing list and posting it up either later today or tomorrow. I know I am not the only one who has issues with it, but I have found a few things to help me out in that department (thank you pintrest). Maybe it can help some of you out as well who are heavy packers like me.

I will be making regular posts while on my trip so don’t worry, you will be in the loop. I am not exactly sure what all I will be doing there, but it will be fun nonetheless.  Stay tuned and Namaste!


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