Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. –Mother Teresa 

This little video made my heart melt. I have said before that I am a hopeless romantic, and frankly Disney is one of the biggest reasons for it. Tales of princes and princesses, fairy god mothers, animals that can talk, fire breathing dragons, using your imagination…the stories are endless. Every single movie had a moral, a story that was worth sharing and I ate it up (still do really).

People get all up in a puff when it comes to what these movies are teaching our kids. “Oh, if you are pretty enough and find a man with money then you will be happy.” I think that’s a very sinister way of looking at these movies. I am sorry but every girl deserves to be treated like a princess and if more people showed some compassion and love in this world then we wouldn’t have so many people with these pessimistic views. It is more than just what is on the surface. Disney is wonderful at animating “fairy tales”.

Yes, stories that are based on culture to teach morals, lessons and excite the imagination of children and adults alike. THAT IS WHAT FICTION IS FOR!!!!! It caries you off to a far away land where knights and dragons fight for the princess and with a flick of a wand all your dreams come true. Stop trying to turn little kids into unimaginative adults that suppress their creativity!!! Stop shoving your world view onto them and let them decide for themselves when they are old enough to do so!!! and for the love of god, stop trying to bring psychological BS into all of this!

You know those feminists that absolutely despise men and look at them as inferior beings? The ones who think we should stop using the words he, she, and so on just so we have “equality”? I am sorry but any extreme is bad and “suppressing men” is not going to fix anything.  Nor is it good to teach children that sort of behavior. LOVE YOUR FELLOW MAN/WOMAN DAMMIT!!!! That is what we are here for and life is too short to squander it by saying hateful and hurtful things. Being angry solves nothing, you are just hurting yourself and those around you. The world is not out to get you and instead of dwelling on the past you should be in the now. It is much nicer, I promise.

Just so you all know, I am a feminist. I take pride in bringing equality to each gender and making the world “fair”. However, what I don’t like is rudeness on any and everyone’s part. I do believe in chivalry and yes, one day my prince will come whenever that may be. I am not just sitting on the sidelines waiting for it to happen though. I am being an active part of society and spreading peace, love and joy when I am able to. I walk my walk and talk my talk so people respect it.

But, back to my point I was making. If you watch any of the Disney classics or even the newer stuff, you will see the love. The purest form of love in all shapes and sizes. It captures you, inspires you, makes you want to be a better person and just be happy. There is nothing wrong with that, but the haters are gonna hate and maybe one day their heart will grow 3 sizes. It just takes that one little special moment to happen to start a chain reaction. One little gesture of love and kindness to turn someones life around. That is what Buddhism is all about, love.

So go shoot some paper airplanes with kisses on them at people and see what happens. I am sure you bring a smile to a few people faces, including yours. Namaste!



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