Will you be my Valentine?


There are all kinds of love in this wold, but never the same love twice. –F Scott Fitzgerald

Just so everyone knows, I am the Valentines Day Fairy. I am the girl who gets all gussied up for the day dressed in hearts, red/pink/white, puts on red lipstick and hands out random valentines and/or candy to people. Why? Because everyone needs a little love in their life.

Do people think I am nuts? Sometimes… I mean a random stranger who comes up and says, “Happy Valentines Day!” and then hands you a little heart shaped card or Hersey kiss is a bit weird, right? Most of the time though, people enjoy the act of kindness. Who doesn’t like free chocolate? It is all in the perspective.

People tend to get caught up on the silly things on this day. Like, “What am I going to buy for my significant other? Where are we going to eat? Will we stay in or go out? Are we going to do something special like a trip? Who am I going to go out with on that day since I am single?” and so on and so forth. First off, I am single for Valentines day this year and no, I have no idea what I am going to do on said day. Does it matter? Not really, if anything I will end up just going out with a friend or few and enjoy myself. I might just make dinner for one and watch sappy romance movies from the 40’s and 50’s. Who knows, the possibilities are endless.

Secondly, why wait to celebrate love and affection whether for you lover, friends or family? Yeah, you can do something special on that day, but it shouldn’t be the only day that you do that. People need love in life, it is what makes us grow and prosper. So instead of just saying, “Well it’s Valentines day. I am going to buy (insert random product in here) and then do something special for(insert person here).” you should try to strive and do little acts of kindness and love every day. Random surprises, no matter how big or small, are wonderful and create memories and meaning in life.  It also smooths things over so you aren’t as stressed and get all witchy all the time.

Flowers are not just for this day or when you screw up, they are wonderful any time. My dad works in the floral industry and even though my parents have been married for almost 25 years now, he still brings my mom flowers. That is how he won her over even before they started dating. She would show up to work and there was a giant bouquet of flowers for her. No name of who they were from, just for her. Of course she was a bit taken aback by this and sometimes would send flowers home with her coworkers, but she still gets excited and happy when my dad walks in the door with a big bundle of roses, irises or anything like that. It makes my heart melt.

Maybe I am a helpless romantic who likes mushy poems, flowers picked out of the garden, surprises of bring me tea when I am having a bad day, or silly pictures drawn for me just to make me smile, but it is who I am. It makes life a lot sweeter when you appreciate those things. You also don’t feel like a crotchety old hermit who hates the world (aka grumpy cat). I don’t just love receiving them though, I like giving them too. I like surprising people with baked goods I made or writing random little notes and sticking them on someones wind shield just to make their day a little brighter.

So be creative and daring! Ask that guy out that you see at the coffee shop all the time, bake your friends cookies, write a note and leave it on your coworkers desk when they are having an off day, give out valentines to random strangers. It spreads love and joy and you might even get a little bit of good karma from your actions. I hope you all enjoy and Namaste!



4 thoughts on “Will you be my Valentine?

  1. I agree with you completely, I don’t really celebrate valentines day like you do, but I do celebrate it in my own way. Personal opinion, if I can’t show my wife that I love her 364 days out of the year, there is no reason to save it up all for one day.

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