What is sexy?

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. –Ingrid Bergman

So I found this article of Elephantjournal.com and all I could say was, “YES YES YES and YES!” to everything that was said. People tend to get caught up in the packaging of the person and take the little things for granted. It really is all the little things that make a person very attractive. I have always valued personality over looks to a degree. My reasons?

Well, I have met many men who are extremely attractive…but as dumb as a rock. Looks are not everything and with being an artist, I find beauty in all things and even unconventional things. As long as you dress nice, are genuine, honest, ect. then you are good in my book. Don’t get me wrong, I still will swoon over Gerard Butler or Ryan Gosling (HOTNESS), but looks fade. Personality is there forever.

So I hope you all enjoy this article below, and tell me what you think. Namaste!



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