Thou must resist temptation for it defiles the soul, body, and mind. So Purge thy soul so that you may be acceptable within the eyes of God. And so the story goes; good versus evil, right versus wrong, night versus day… We as the human race are interesting complex creatures. We have set our selves up in a society that sees things in black and white, and yet we dare not tread within the gray area that is oh so prevalent within our society. It is, after all, taboo and unspoken.

This is within religion, politics, education, philosophy and almost every face of life. Frankly, it bothers me that people choose to be so biased and not to listen to others if they have questions or concerns. Instead, we should teach with love and not fear and have an open mind concept to others and their beliefs as long as they are not harmful to others (i.e. picketing a funeral because someone is gay, using god to justify bigotry, and things of that nature). Alas, it is impossible it seems with how people tend to be these days…

So, the reason for my long rant above is because…well with cutting out certain things in my diet my body has gone on over drive and started cleansing itself of all the vile I put into it over the holidays. I have aches, pains, tummy issues and I am a bit crabby. With the lack of caffeine via coffee, abstinence from alcohol, no vegan chocolate in my house… I basically want to punch someone. I am a well of emotions, everything is coming up in waves, I basically just feel like my world has been turned up on its head.

But this is all physicality, and in the end I will have a pure soul to offer to god… or so they say. Most of the great gurus in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Asian philosophies were vegetarian, and even the Buddha himself meditated for days without food and water underneath the Bohdi tree to reach Nirvana. He was even tormented by the devil (Mara if you will) and told to turn back, that his ideas were not worthy and people would think that he is crazy.

So, here I am under my Bohdi tree trying to resist my temptations and reach Nirvana. What will that be like? Lord knows… right now I will just be happy to reach the breaking point where all of the detox symptoms will be gone. Hopefully that will happen within the next few days (I am assuming, when I have cleansed before it usually eased up after the 5th day), and if not then I will be investing in some coconut milk and cacao nibs so I can make super food hot cocoa!

On another note, I am rather proud of myself for resisting a turkey, cheese and mayo sandwich I had to make for Ann at work. Normally, I would have a total aversion to said sandwich, but for what ever reason it seemed rather appetizing because I was hungry. I just noshed on my sweet potato and apple with peanut butter though and stayed strong. Tomorrow I will be bringing a salad and lots of fruit and rice cakes to hold me over. My appetite has increased quite a bit in the past few days, not exactly sure why but it’s all good. But that is all for now! 


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